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Crowntiques Vendor Registration

Fill out this form to register as a vendor. You may download and try out our auction client software for as long as you want before registering, but you won't be able to actually upload batches of auction items until you register.

If you have already registered, click here to sign in.

Forgot your password?
Click here to have your password emailed back to you.

Vendor Registration Profile

Your username should be short and easy to remember. You'll need it whenever you sign in to Crowntiques, and it will determine the address of your online store's home page. For example, if you pick JerrysUsedCDs as your username, your home page URL will be //

Enter the password you want to use when signing in to You should NOT make this the same as your eBay password. Anyone who knows your crowntiques password can access all of the auction item information tracked by the vendor services.

If you are doing business under a company name, enter it here. Otherwise, just enter your full name.
Contact Person

Enter the name of the primary contact person for your auction business.
E-mail address

Enter the email address you use in your auction business. In most cases, this should be the same as the one you gave when you registered on eBay.
eBay UserID

Entering your eBay UserID will allow you to quickly import items you already have listed on eBay into your Crowntiques online store.
eBay Password

You won't need to enter your eBay account password yet, if you're just here to see how our site works. But you will need to enter it if you want to post items for auction on eBay from your Crowntiques online store. Your password is also required to lookup the contact information of your winners, if you want Crowntiques to handle this function automatically.

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