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Collectibles -> Paper -> Newspapers -> 1900-39
Daily Worker-1/17/31 Mining,Hoover Helps IL Duce!
Daily Worker-1/17/31 Mining,Hoover Helps IL Duce!

The Central Organ of the Communist Party USA! Contents Include; Hunger March in Four Cities Monday Demand Food, War Coming Soon says Kenworthy, Bill to Finger Print Workers, Newark Conference Meets Sunday on Unemployment, Baltimore Toledo Boston Bridgeport Jobless Makes Demands, Tells Tariff League to Aid War on Soviet 5 Year Plan, Workers in Adding Machine Company Support Daily Worker, Train Cadres in Chicago School, Rich People Invest Billions Abroad, Hoover Helps Mussolini Murder Militant Workers, Mine Accidents Increase as Coal Diggers are Speeded Up, Rubber Workers Get Wage Cut, Lewis Gang Thug Threats Murder, Liberal Paper Underplays Men, To Protest Mob Murder This Sunday in Harlem, Crane Co. Blacklist is Vicious, Logging Bosses Plan Ten Percent Cut, Jobless Father and Four Children Live on Soup Alone, Courtesey for Crook in San Quentin Pen, Terroize and Evict Jobless Negro Family, More Pay Cuts in Sioux City, Police Slugging Chicago Depositors, Tacoma Bosses Now Rule Workers-Must Pay to Even Lodge in Prison, Miners Talk Struggle as the Mine Bosses Continue Wage Slashes and Worsening of Conditions Jobless, A Husband and Father of Four Starving Children Tries to Kill Himself and Fails in Philadelphia PA, Heard on the Bread Lines, Lenin Who is That Guy-A Poem, Digging for Gold, Dope-For the Workers, My Country Tis of Thee with Daily Worker Words Added, War Coming Soon Says Kenworthy, Red Army Hits Nanking Troops, Burma Peasant Revolt Growing, Imperialist Blood Load to China, Also Has Great Cartoons from the time, Some wear, discoloring of pages that are also brittle and some creasing down middle of all pages, tear along creases about four inches across and three inches down, Overall Good Condition!

$ 15.00
Item # : 120687 Box # : 4662
Shipping From: Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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